Member privilege

The Champa Muang Lao membership number will be sent by email directly to member’s registration email.

Please ensure to quote your Champa Muang Lao membership number when making reservations and at check-in counter for your flight. By this way, you will begin to earn even before receiving your permanent card.

Keep your original boarding passes and ticket copies or e- ticket number and original invoice of Champa Muang Lao partners (as they may be required to verify claims for missing miles) until miles are credited to your account.
You will receive a permanent membership card and program material once you have completed your first eligible flight with Lao Airlines and miles have been credited to your account.

Members, who have postal addresses registering outside Lao, will receive the Champa Muang Lao permanent card in approximately 2 months. If it is not delivered after 2 months, please kindly contact to the nearest Lao Airlines’ branch office or Champa Muang Lao.

There are two types of cards in CML: Silver Card and Gold Card: Silver Card is issued for passengers as they have experienced at least one flight of Lao Airlines. This card can be valid until it is replaced by another card of CML.

Silver Card sample:

Gold Card: To reach level requirement as experienced at least 20 segments round-trip or 10,000 miles in 12 consecutive months. Gold Card will be valid 12 months from the date of issue. The Gold Card will be exchanged to another Gold Card for the same member if member reaches the requirement of 20 segments round-trip or 10,000 miles in period holding Gold Card of 12 consecutive months. Otherwise, Gold Card will be exchanged to the Silver Card.


Gold Card sample – ranking the style of the traveler

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